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Remember, every animal owner has a duty of care to their pets. The animal welfare act introduced in 2007 outlines five key needs which must be met.

  • For a suitable environment (in a hamster's case, this means a suitable cage with erichment).
  • A suitable diet.
  • To be housed with other animals of the same species (where appropriate) or apart where appropriate (e.g. Syrian hamsters).
  • To be allowed to exhibit normal behaviour.
  • Freedom from pain, suffering injury and disease.

Before taking on a pet, you must be sure that you have a suitable cage, in the case of dwarfs that you have the room to house them seperately in case of fighting, and be sure you have enough money for the animals to be able to go to the vet if needed.

A couple of important points to bear in mind:

  1. I will not sell hamsters to anyone under the age of 16 without a parent present (this is a legal requirement and no exceptions will be made). Please do not be offended if I ask for proof of age.
  2. Under no circumstances will I re-home a hamster under 5 weeks of age. My preferred minimum age to re-home is 8 weeks.
  3. I will not "ship" any hamsters.

If for any reason you find you are unable to look after your hamster(s) then please contact me and I will endevour to take the hamster back, or help with re-homing.

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