Orna was born mid-October 2007, she was bred by Pennnine Express hamstery. She is a very special hamster, we have had her since she was a couple of weeks old and she thinks she is a little person. Sometimes she looks very confused when we put her back in the cage with other hamsters, as if she is supposed to live free in the house with us.

She is a normal Winter White female, at 4 months old she was introduced to Mysteron, with whom she had two litters of babies. She lived with her 3 daughters, Big Bit, Medium Bit and Tiny Bit.

She has won two RBIS and one BOS, and will be retired from showing at the end of the year so she can take things easy! She is pictured below with her RBIS from London, and her Winter White female trophy and rosette.

Orna passed away on the 14th of January 2010, having lived with her daughters for their entire lives. 

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