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Nobody's Hams are hobbyist breeders of Winter Whites, Roborovskis and Campbells based in Coventry. The name stems from a joke made when I was struggling to pick a name to show under. We show our hamsters with the various UK hamster clubs (most often with the Midland Hamster Club). Nobody's Hams is a prefix registered with the National Hamster Council.

I had syrian hamsters as a child, and when I moved away to university and wanted a pet I needed something small and cage-contained so hamsters were a natural choice. We bought our first pair of roborovskis, Uri and Ira, and about 6 months later got our first Winter Whites, Archie, Reggie and Theo. We took Archie along to our first show and entered him in the pets class, then a couple of months later put Archie and Theo into the main show and it all went from there!

We will have a small number of litters a year, so will sometimes have hamsters for sale (although I will not breed hamsters for a pet market). We are also willing to assist in the re-homing of unwanted pet hamsters.

Although available babies may be advertised on the website please not that I will not "ship" hamsters, nor sell a hamster to anyone under the age of 16 (without parental consent), and reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation. Hamsters will not normally be available during December to prevent the giving of pets as presents unless you have been on the waiting list, have had hamsters from me before or will be willing to undergo a homecheck.

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