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Anyone getting a pet should ask about the conditions the animal has been kept in before they purchase their animal, and I am happy to show any prospective buyers around my hamster room, however for anyone who buys their "Nobody's Ham" from a show, or people who are generally curious about how to manage more than the average number of hamsters I thought it would be nice to put up some pics of the hamster room and the cages the hamsters live in.

The smallest cage in long-term use is a Ferplast Mini Duna (smaller cages may be used as hospital cages or travel cages). This is a tank style cage, 55cm x 38cm with a second level half the size of the cage. Joey's messy bacheolar pad is shown below:

I use this cage for single hamsters or older pairs who are not active enough to make use of a larger cage.

The cage I use most is the "Zoo Zone 1", a 70 x 40cm cage sold as an indoor rabbit hutch. Although too small to house a bunny it makes an excellent house for a young pair, trio, or nursing Mum.


For large groups (uncommon with Winter Whites as they tend to fall out), I use the Zoo Zone 2 (1m x 50cm) Pictured without the lid to make it clearer, hammies can't actually escape!

The majority of the hamsters live in the small back bedroom, and I normally have nursing mothers in the bedroom as it is a little quieter. 

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