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Track the progress of Orna's first litter, born on April Fool's Day 2008.

Orna and Mysteron were introduced to each other on the 1st of March. A couple of days before she was due, we noticed Orna had reached the size of a small hippo, and spent an anxious few days waiting for her to give birth.


Big Fat Orna!


She kept us waiting though, and on the morning of the first I went to handle her as usual, popped her down on my bed and realised there was a "thing" hanging out of her! After a quick panic, I grabbed her house, sat her in it and watched as she pulled the little pup out. House went back into cage, Orna immediately wandered off under her little log cabin leaving Mysteron to collect the pup, and another that had already been born under the water bottle! A few hours later, there were 5 little "pink and wrigglies".

Tiny babies

The next few photos show the pups growing up and getting their fur.


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