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The first of the joint litters between Nobody's Hams and Duncton Hamstery.


Mithrellas (and Greylin) arrived in the Nobody's Ham's house on a rather warm Friday at the end of August. Mithrellas was a planned mate for Bjorn, one of Orna's first litter. Bjorn worked his magic, and on the 18th of September a formally svelte Mith looked like this:




On the 19th she popped out 6 perfect little babies, the first pearls born here. It was very interesting to watch the normals darken up while the pearls looked like tiny ghost pups.


The male pearl, Brennen, and two of the females Emby and Baby Mith have stayed here at Nobody's hams. Two of the litter (Nibbler and Leela) have gone to a pet home, and the last normal girl now lives at Nooboo Hamstery. A second litter, the Bjornjellas belong to Duncton Hams.

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