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We got Nuglet as a partner for Babykin after her partner died, sadly we lost Babykin a couple of weeks later and decided to introduce her to Redrum. We weren't really expecting babies, having had no luck breeding roborovskis before but thought it was worth a go!


On the morning we were due to leave for Leeds Festival, it was obvious Nuglet's litter was due soon, sure enough a few hours later she went into labour and left us a miniscule pinky!



A little while later, she had 5 babies and we set off for Leeds (having left an enormous pile of food, and instructions for our ham sitter to check the water levels in the bottle but not disturb the cage).



As you can see they did quite well without us! Their little eyes opened at 12 days old:

One boy has gone to Duncton hams, a girl to Satine hams and the other 3 have stayed with me.

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