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Remy and Emile are two adult male degus that we adopted from the RSPCA in January '08, and as one was blue and one brown we named them after the rats in Ratatouille. I'd wanted a pair of degus for about 18 months after seeing a colony at Borth Animalarium. I was put off buying them from a pet shop as they are a fairly exotic species and despite their owners having the best intentions they often live much shorter lifespans in captivity then they would in the wild so I didn't feel comfortable encouraging their breeding. I'd kept a close eye on the local RSPCA's website, and to my delight just before Christmas the boys appeared. We rushed off to visit them, and discovered they'd been confiscated from a pet shop who kept my boys in a tank along with an adult female (pregnant), and the previous litter (3 males and a female). We put a reserve on them, and frantically tried to get a cage delivered in time battling the christmas post!

We picked them up on the 3rd and brought them home to their rather bare cage (accessories had been ordered seperately and hadn't arrived!). Emile had shed his tail at some point, and had a bald patch on his nose, Remy has the start of cataracts.

 2 days later they were feeling a bit more settled, we'd changed all the plastic shelves for wood and added the first lot of toys!

They're funny little things, and quite cheeky...they'll steal food when you're least expecting it!

Emile stealing a cracker.

And they pretend to look innocent...


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